Macy’s Flagship Store in Herald Square Features 12 Paintings by Providence Artist Nick Paciorek

Macy’s Flagship Store in Herald Square Features 12 Paintings by Providence Artist Nick Paciorek

Contemporary Providence artist Nick Paciorek announced today that Macy’s, Inc. has unveiled 12 of his paintings in the housewares section on the eighth floor of its flagship Herald Square location in New York City. “I’m honored that Macy’s selected my paintings to grace the walls of its iconic New York City space,” said Paciorek. “While art isn’t the primary objective of visitors to the store, I hope my paintings enhance the shopping experience by conveying a mood, evoking emotions and supporting the store’s style.”

The works are all still lifes ranging in size from 2 x 8 feet to 4 x 8 feet that feature a variety of foods and meal preparation and presentation items. They were commissioned as part of Macy’s multi-year renovation of the store that began in 2012 to create a modern, customer-centric shopping experience, while preserving the historical integrity of the landmark building.

Known for his cityscapes and landscapes, the still lifes were a departure from Paciorek’s signature style. “Macy’s helped push me into new territory, and taking the creative risk has made me a better painter,” says Paciorek. While unique for Paciorek, the paintings still feature several elements that are central to most of his works, including his use of light, long shadows and drama.

Paciorek first worked with the department store chain in 2011 following a flood at the Macy’s in the Warwick Mall. When the company undertook renovations in preparation for its reopening, Paciorek was commissioned to provide a series of three paintings of the annual Macy’s Day Parade in New York City. The paintings, all sized 48” x 72”, were installed at the main entrances to the store. Paciorek completed similar parade paintings for a Macy’s location in Utah.

Paciorek’s paintings will remain at Macy’s Herald Square store indefinitely.