December 2022: Inside at The Pitcher-Goff House – Facing Emotion (MEMBERS TICKET)




Join us December 2 at 6PM at the Pitcher-Goff House as we host a lively conversation between artist Nick Paciorek and psychologist Joe Pereira, with plenty of time for audience Q&A.

Any time we look at art, it evokes a certain emotion, as different for each viewer as there are people on earth. In this talk, Nick and Joe will focus on artwork that emphasizes faces as subject matter. They’ll dive deep into why art evokes emotion, why artists are drawn to faces, why looking at face art is like looking into a mirror, and how they use faces to inspire emotion. They’ll help you open your mind about how to look at art that features faces and what to ask yourself as you collect art.

More than colleagues, Nick and Joe are long-time friends, making this event more like eavesdropping on a smart friend’s conversation. The hour-long talk will be followed by open house to view the latest collections.

About our speakers

Joe Pereira, LICSW, CAS

Joe is a licensed clinical social worker and addictions specialist, practicing for over 30 years.  He is currently in private practice in Arlington, MA  offering individual and group therapy as well as training and consultation with a focus on anger management for adults and adolescents. Joe has given numerous trainings locally as well as nationally and internationally on the treatment of anger management problems as well as workplace conflict, chemical addictions and stress management. He was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal on working with people with anger control issues and has appeared on “Chronicle,” a popular Boston local news show, discussing the topic of road rage. Joe has been a lecturer at the Boston University Graduate School of Social Work since 2013.

He also enjoys visiting art galleries and museums and has an interest in art collection. He appreciates how looking at art can elicit certain feelings and thoughts for an individual.

Nick Paciorek, the Artist

Chicago shaped young Nick Paciorek’s world and brought him to where he is today: a renowned artist whose work is seen from coast to coast and around the world. As an artist, Paciorek aligns himself with a new generation of Fauvists. Known for his vibrant cityscapes, he has traveled the world – from Italy’s Dolomites to France’s canals to Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in search of inspiration, light and pattern. Early in his career, an art critic called him the Mad Beast of Color in terms of how he applies color, and the name stuck.

Originally from Chicago, Paciorek’s education brought him to Baltimore and Washington, D.C. as he explored his vision. He earned his BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art and at his senior show he was fortunate to be picked up by Jerry Eisley at the Fox Hall Gallery in D.C. before graduation. Today, he continues to create art, inspire artists, and prompt conversations that make you think at The Pitcher-Goff house in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.


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