A painting is the original work of the artist – the artist’s hands mixed the paint and held the brush which applied it to the canvas, with the artist’s mind and heart driving every stroke. A print is the faithful reproduction of that original work, scanned or photographed and passed through the digital environment to be printed on canvas.


The prints represented here are enhanced or embellished prints. When a digital print is made, it captures the form and color of the original, but not always the same vibrancy of the colors, all the contrast and excitement of some of the original brush strokes or the subtle third dimension paint can create through the depth and texture of the brushstrokes.

The embellished print is reviewed and touched up by the original artist. The artist applies brush to printed canvas, reinforcing key elements and livening up any aspect that needs more contrast or color. Brush in hand, the artist paints over the print until satisfied with its quality and vibrancy. Thus every embellished print is unique and represents the full attention and skill of the original artist.

Nick Paciorek’s studio numbers and tracks embellished prints for authenticity. If you resell or gift your print, please let us know. Click below to view all embellished prints, from mountain landscapes to French cafes.

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