Complex World: New Paintings by Kathy Hodge and Nick Paciorek

Opening Reception: Providence Art Club
June 2, 2024 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Hodge and Paciorek invite the viewers to explore their complex world through their paintings, and to reflect on the environmental and social issues that affect our planet. Hodge hopes to inspire the viewers to work to protect the environment we share, while Paciorek aims to evoke a sense of joy and gratitude for the gifts of nature.

The exhibition will run from June 2 to June 20, 2024 at The Providence Art Club, 11 Thomas St, Providence, RI.

Coloring Outside the Lines

Artist Talk: Exploring the Artist Within
Friday, May 31st, 6:00 – 7:30 pm

We all started creating with crayons and blank paper someone gave us. At that young age, it opened us up to a world of dreaming. Later, we were given coloring books and rules; taught later to color inside the lines. This talk will explore the fact that we all started as artists. Some people are lawyers, doctors, bankers, teachers, etc. but we believe all of us started as artists with crayons. Join us for an evening of conservation and visual exercises exploring the artist within.

Joe Pereira, LICSW, CAS is a licensed clinical social worker and addictions specialist who has been practicing for over 35 years. He is currently in private practice in Arlington, MA offering individual and group therapy as well as training and consultation with a focus on anger management to adults and adolescents. Joe has given numerous trainings locally as well as nationally and internationally on the treatment of anger management problems as well as workplace conflict, chemical addictions and stress management. Joe also enjoys visiting art galleries and museums and has an interest in art collecting. He appreciates how art can enhance a person’s well-being.

Guided by gallery owner Nick Paciorek and LICSW Joe Pereira. Doors at 6pm, advance registration strongly suggested. Fee: $20.


Opening Weekend
November 16th-19th

For our fall show, we’re turning northward: specifically to the Green and White Mountains and unique artwork focusing on these grand views and celebrating a long tradition. In the first half of the 1800s, artists traveled from all over to paint landscapes in both the Green and White mountains. They portrayed a dramatic wilderness and untamed beauty of the region, each with a unique point of view from artists such as Winslow Homer and Edward Hill. The movement fueled tourism in the region, spurring grand hotel, transportation and entertainment projects. Visitors purchased paintings to bring home and news of the area’s attraction spread. That artwork now hangs in galleries, museums and homes around the world. More than 200 years later, the raw nature of the Green and White Mountain still draws artists in, inviting them to come and get lost in the vastness that offers both beauty and danger. The result is a series of landscapes in all seasons where the artist becomes a part of the artwork.

Our show takes a contemporary look at the two mountain regions with works from New England artists Nick Paciorek, Byron Carr, Harley Bartlett, Judy Volkmann, and others.

Weekend Lineup of Events

Gallery Night Indoor and Outdoor

To help us prepare for the event, we ask that you please register prior to attending. This is a free event, open to the public. It is not mandatory to register but is preferred.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17TH from 6-9pm
Artist Talk with Nick Paciorek from 6:30-7:30pm

Due to limited seating in the Pitcher-Goff House, registration is required to reserve a seat for the Artist’s Talk. Please visit the link below to secure a spot!

Indoor and Outdoor Gallery Open to Public


All artwork created from Plein Air Pawtucket will be on display throughout The Container Project at The Pitcher-Goff House. We have 3 containers full of artwork that is being initiated into The Pawtucket Collection. Host Nick Paciorek will be available to walk you through the containers and show you work by artists such as Barbara Healy, Bill Lane, Cathy Chin, Harley Bartlett and more!

open studio nights

This offers an opportunity for a self-guided gallery tour at The Pitcher-Goff House to see Nick’s private collection of established and emerging artists. As an ever-evolving collection, you’ll discover different artists every time you visit. You never know what you’ll see! It’s a free, informal event that enables you to indulge your imagination and see artwork in a unique home setting– so different from sterile white galleries! Dates subject to change.


September 2nd – 3rd

Back by popular demand, Plein Air Pawtucket returns to Pawtucket September 2-3 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. The one-of-a-kind event will allow enthusiasts to explore the work of talented artists as they paint throughout the historic Slater Mill Park, a new focus this year instead of being spread throughout downtown.

September 9th – 10th
Paciorek will host a free reception for the public to view the resulting artwork at the Pitcher-Goff House’s Container Project on September 9th and 10th from 6 -9 p.m.

There will also be a private viewing event inside the Pitcher-Goff House from 5-6 p.m. for Pitcher-Goff members and participating artists. The members’ event includes wine tasting, viewing of new stained glass windows, and reading from a group of local writers using the Pitcher-Goff house as inspiration.

Any work created during the event becomes a part of the Pawtucket collection, and each work will carry a stamp of authentication.

YOUNG ARTISTS at The Container Project

A FREE Outdoor art show featuring New England’s talented young artists. Walk through The Container Project located in the courtyard of The Pitcher-Goff House to view the artwork of artists under the age of 30 while enjoying a special performance by
Indi-dos (a jazzy poetry duo).

Spring Awakening Event

Spring Awakening string concert

“Spring Awakening” featured violinist Alexey Shabalin and violinist Consuelo Sherba of the Aurea Ensemble performing a collaborative program of violin and viola music, vibrating with the colors and textures of Paciorek’s landscape watercolor exhibition. This synergistic program featured the music of Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, tangoes of Jose Elizondo and more. Artists featured in the exhibition include Paciorek as well as Harley Bartlett, Mary Jane Andreozzi, Sam Green, Judy Vilmain, Karole Nicholson, Linnea Leeming, and more.


facing emotion: a conversation about why art speaks to us

The Pitcher-Goff House hosted a lively conversation between artist Nick Paciorek and psychologist Joe Pereira, with plenty of time for audience Q&A. Any time we look at art, it evokes a certain emotion, as different for each viewer as there are people on earth. In this talk, Nick and Joe will focus on artwork that emphasizes faces as subject matter. They’ll dive deep into why art evokes emotion, why artists are drawn to faces, why looking at face art is like looking into a mirror, and how they use faces to inspire emotion. They’ll help you open your mind about how to look at art that features faces and what to ask yourself as you collect art. More than colleagues, Nick and Joe are long-time friends, making this event more like eavesdropping on a smart friend’s conversation.

RI Abstractionists
Schedule an appointment!

An art show by Rhode Island’s best abstract artists will be hosted by Nick Paciorek at The Pitcher-Goff House gallery.

If you could not attend our show this weekend we are happy to schedule a private showing for you! The show will run until June 10th, so there are plenty of opportunities to make an appointment with Nick Paciorek.

If you are an interior designer, we would love to welcome you to The Pitcher-Goff House. Bring your clients, or come alone and work with Nick to find the perfect addition to your design.

Participating artists: Frank Gasbarro, Kevin Gilmore*, Anthony Salemme, Jane Andreozzi, Robert Rustermier, Michele Aucoin, Theresa Girard*, Eveline Luppi*, Bob Rizzo*, Linnea Leeming, Racheal Brask

*Providence Art Club Members


DECEMBER 17-19, 2021

We are welcome you to step inside to renovated historical Pitcher-Goff House renovated by artist and resident, Nick Paciorek.

All attendees are required a ticket that can be attained on our website. Please choose the day you want to attend and register for your FREE ticket. All tickets will be scanned upon entrance.

Plein Air pawtucket open reception
saturday, september 18, 2021

You are invited to view and shop the artwork created during Plein Air Pawtucket at The Pitcher-Goff House! Any work created in Pawtucket that honors the essence of this historic city will become a part of The Pawtucket Collection and will carry a stamp of authentication.

Plein Air pawtucket
saturday, september 10-12, 2021

Plein Air Pawtucket, a FREE one-of-a-kind art event, is coming to Pawtucket September 10-12th during the Pawtucket Arts Festival. This family friendly event will allow enthusiasts to explore the work of 12 talented artists as they work en plein air along a 1.25 mile walking tour through historical Pawtucket. Artwork created during Plein Air Pawtucket will become the inaugural paintings of The Pawtucket Collection, an ongoing collection of art that captures the spirit of Pawtucket in artistic medium: painting, photography, sculpture, etc. The resulting artwork will be available for sale at the Pitcher-Goff House Gallery and Studio the following weekend September 18-19th. We encourage families to pack a picnic, bring their dog and spend a few hours along the Blackstone River!